Holy Chic! DIY armoire makeover!

shabby chic armoire graphic

Do a complete makeover of your old furniture with just a little bit of paint!


To prep for painting, clean the furniture and make sure it is completely dry. Remove all doors and cabinets and save your hardware for upcycling! I chose to remove the backing because I have a dream that I will one day replace it with mirror and actually finish the inside of the armoire as a mini bar…but (sigh) that will have to be a post for another day. My job is really cutting into my homemaking time, ha! 🙂


Once you’ve cleaned and dried the armoire and have removed all of the doors and drawers (setting aside your hardware to reuse), use a roller to prime. I skipped the sanding and opted for Valspar bonding primer.


After priming, I chose to paint the armoire an off-white color for the base. It seemed like so much work to prime only to follow it up by painting the armoire a very similar color, but it is always worth it to do the prep work right. The paint color you want goes on easier and you’ll use less paint, so just make sure you have set aside enough time to do your prep. For the shabby chic finished look, I bought an 8 oz. sample of Valspar Winter Calm and used a 1 inch brush to paint the gray “wear and tear” look. You’ll want to keep the brush as dry as possible, just BARELY dipping it into your gray accent color. With your almost-dry-brush, buff the gray paint into randomized spots on your armoire until you have achieved a worn look. It really is that easy. To save on all new hardware, I spray painted my existing hardware with Krylon silver in the metallic finish. Finally, the most gratifying part of the project was staging it with accessories. I happened to have all of these little things around the house anyway, but if you don’t have some decorative accessories, you can pick up a few things without wrecking your budget. The large sea shell on top of the armoire was a thrift store find for about $3 that I spray painted in the same silver color as the hardware. The silver cake stand the shell is on was from Homegoods, as was the large wire basket. The silver nautilus was a gift years ago and I believe it came from Pottery Barn. The small crystal frame was a wedding gift; the photo inside is a drawing of Old Christ Church in Pensacola, FL where I was married. 🙂 I hope you enjoyed my latest DIY project! Thanks for reading!